Watch: Michael Biehn Reprises His Terminator Role For Coronavirus PSA

The Terminator

Michael Biehn reprised his most famous role, Kyle Reese from The Terminator, recently. Okay, it’s only for 30 seconds on Twitter, but it’s important nonetheless.

Aaron Couch of The Hollywood Reporter posted the video seen below and it’s amazing that Biehn’s monologue is almost verbatim from The Terminator when he tells Sarah Connor the stakes of the situation. He just replaces Terminator with coronavirus. It’s actually kind of surreal and sobering to hear him say words from a movie that can so easily be placed into real-life context.

Of course, we all need to do our part in spreading the word that the best thing to do to combat the coronavirus pandemic is to stay in our homes. And like Ryan Reynolds recently said on Instagram, it’s in our best interests to listen to celebrities because they know what they’re talking about.

In fact, a number of big name actors have been incorporating some of their characters into home-made PSAs. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost did one parodying Shaun of the Dead the other week, and now we have another.

Biehn made a name for himself in the ‘80s working with James Cameron. Besides The Terminator, he also appeared in Aliens and The Abyss. After memorable roles in Tombstone and The Rock though, his career kind of fizzled out. That being said, we’ll be seeing him soon (hopefully) in the new season of The Mandalorian. All we know about his role is that he plays a bounty hunter from Din Djarin’s past, but we’re certainly intrigued to learn more.

For now, though, stay inside and watch a few Biehn movies – like The Terminator – and be sure to do all you can to stop the spread of the virus.