Watch: Simon Pegg And Nick Frost’s Shaun Of The Dead-Style Coronavirus PSA


What with the coronavirus sweeping the globe, it all feels a little bit apocalyptic right now. Folks are revisiting their favorite Armageddon-themed movies, then, in a bid to figure out the best way to survive these troubled times. Maybe the best one to look to is Shaun of the Deadthe classic zombie comedy whose hero’s big plan to live through a zombie outbreak is to reach his local pub, have a pint and wait ’til it all blows over.

In the service of public safety, stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have reunited for a new video that’s going viral, in which they dust off Shaun‘s advice, give it an update for these contemporary times and basically deliver a mini-sequel to the 2004 Edgar Wright-directed film. If that video where Hollywood got together to sing “Imagine” left you cold, then maybe this one’ll do it for you instead.


As you can see, Pegg and Frost replay a famed scene from the movie, but with a few key differences to inform folks about the best way to handle things at present. Like Pegg says, contrary to Shaun’s classic advice, the best thing to do is actually to stay indoors, make yourself a cup of tea (other beverages are available) and wait for this to all blow over. Help each other out, Pegg encourages, though obviously when it comes to hoarding toilet paper, it’s a dog-eat-dog world.

Simon Pegg can next be seen co-starring in the upcoming thriller Inheritance, led by Lily Collins, which comes out on VOD from April 23rd. Meanwhile, Nick Frost is one of the leads of Joss Whedon’s ensemble Victorian fantasy drama The Nevers, which will air on HBO sometime in 2021. Remember, do as the Shaun of the Dead stars say and “don’t panic.” Like the video ends with, “we can beat the apocalypse… together.”