All 8 Harry Potter Movies Now Streaming On Multiple Platforms

harry potter

The complicated and convoluted world of streaming contracts and distribution deals has seen countless major franchises bounce around several platforms before eventually finding a permanent home, but the eight-film Harry Potter series can now be found on two.

The beloved literary adaptations were originally on HBO Max, but they swiftly vanished before showing up on NBCUniversal’s Peacock. The ol’ switcheroo has happened a couple more times since then, but the adventures of The Boy Who Lived are now available in their entirety on both streamers as of yesterday.

According to ComicBook, Harry Potter is now part of the Peacock library again, but the movies aren’t available through the ad-supported free tier. They’ve also been playing on HBO Max since September 1st, so there are now two methods of reacquainting yourself with the Wizarding World on a pair of rival platforms.

Of course, this probably isn’t the last time we’ll have to report on Harry Potter packing up shop and heading somewhere else, but it’s good for fans to know that they’ve got multiple options to dive back into the mythology for at least a little while, without potentially having to shell out another monthly subscription fee for the sake of a single property.