Alleged Early Draft Of Suicide Squad Appears Online


Suicide Squad

The folks over at Latino Review are at it again. After offering up a scintillating teaser relating to your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man last week — which Sony moved to denounce rather quickly — the outlet has switched gears to focus on DC’s upcoming line-up and, specifically, its villain-centric Suicide Squad movie.

According to this new report, the outlet has allegedly gained access to two early drafts of the film that essentially surmise the plot from the bottom up. It goes without saying that each iteration, while unverified at this time, delves into spoilers unabated, so we advise against reading on if you want to remain fresh for when the film eventually makes its bow.

Still with us? Good. Latino Review’s first source posits that the opening of the Suicide Squad will revolve around Deadshot (Will Smith) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) crossing paths in Arkham Asylum; in fact, just as the former makes a move to assassinate his target, Quinn foils the hit all the while trying to free the Joker (Jared Leto) in the process. From that point, the two are shipped to Amanda Waller’s prison, meaning Joker would purportedly remain behind bars for the majority of the running time a la Hannibal Lecter.

Switching perspectives, the movie then focuses on the trite relationship between Deadshot and Boomerang (Jai Courtney), before becoming embroiled in Lex Luthor’s bio weaponry experiment. In doing so, the team takes Luthor head on so as to free the Enchantress, at which point the film will reference several other characters from the lore including King Shark etc. As for Rick Flag — a role once occupied by Tom Hardy, who recently departed the project — this proposed iteration would see the character as more of a government agent than a lead role. Instead, the movie would orbit around Deadshot, Quinn and the Joker.

Moving on to the second alleged script, Latino Review’s other source, a draft of the Suicide Squad is now finished and is being passed around executives at Warner Bros. for a collective verdict. In this particular permutation, the studio’s flick would follow Floyd Lawton and Quinn from the beginning, who find themselves on the wrong end of a raw deal that sees them taken to a maximum security prison (again, run by Waller). From there, the two are implanted with explosives and forced to partake in a mission against their will.

Latino’s source goes on to describe how Waller acts as the crux of the film, as she rounds up any and all potential super powered villain or hero, at which point the film will reference Batman through archive footage. From the description it seems as though Warner Bros. will capitalize on this franchise linkage and reference other big bads in the cinematic canon. Soon after, the film climaxes with a breakout prison scene from Belle Reve spearheaded by the Joker himself, who plays a much bigger part in this iteration relative to the first purported script.

In fact, it is this second script that is apparently drawing a lot of praise from studio executives, and it is this same script that caused Hardy to leave production. While it remains total speculation at this time, Latino Review’s connection revealed that the actor was irked by changes to his character.

As we alluded to earlier, neither of these script leaks have been verified by Warner Bros., so it’s worth taking each with a grain of salt. Still, it’s interesting to see the direction in which the Suicide Squad could go, even if this is just glorified fan fiction.

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