This Alternate Justice League Trailer Contains Some New Scenes


Earlier this morning, Warner Bros. (and Lucasfilm!) brought the internet to a standstill by releasing the fourth and final trailer for Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s Justice League.

Packed to the brim with explosive action, great character moments, improved effects and tons of fun interactions between the various team members, it was without a doubt the most promising look at the film yet and should certainly help ease the worries of those who were still on the fence about it.

If you’re eager for even more from the pic though, we’ve got you covered. Shortly after the initial trailer dropped, Warner Bros. also released an alternate version. It’s quite a bit shorter and is focused more on the formation of the League, but it’s worth a watch as there are a few new scenes here – including one of Alfred and an extended look at some of the action. There’s not a lot that’s different between the two, but there’s certainly enough here to make it worth your time.

So far, the general consensus surrounding the fourth and final trailer for the film seems to be pretty positive, which has us hopeful that despite all the rumors and reports of drastic reshoots, things will turn out alright. If nothing else, it seems that, at the very least, the DC fanbase is all in on this one, and with any luck, the franchise will score another win following the blistering success of Wonder Woman.

Justice League will be with us on November 17th. Word is that the long-brewing ensemble pic features not one, but two post-credits scenes, so it’d be wise to stick around after the screen goes black. Besides, with so many DC-related tentpoles cramming up the pipeline, there’s a very good chance the Powers That Be will take the opportunity to tee up Shazam! and/or Suicide Squad 2, both of which are said to be targeting 2019.