Alyssa Milano Can’t Believe “How F-ed Up America Is Right Now”

Alyssa Milano has been making waves as an actress since she began all the way back in 1918 with her first movie — Old Enough. Now she’s been in several blockbuster films, all the while being a committed activist to several causes. Even as far back as the 80s, she was appearing on The Phil Donahue Show to help prevent misinformation during the AIDS crisis.

Nowadays, she’s been heavily active in the Me Too movement and has heavily campaigned for women’s rights. During the recent Women’s March for Reproduction Rights, she gave a speech discussing the recent abortion ban in Texas.

“I’m tired, as a woman, I’m so tired of having to continually prove that my body is my own,” asserted the actress this past weekend. “I’m tired of needing to insist on having a say in my own reproductive health, and I am really f—ing tired of anyone else having a say in it.”

She then continued:

“I cannot believe how f—ed up America is right now,” the actress asserted. “And I can’t believe how a handful of men are successfully taking 50 years of rights away from women, and how a Supreme Court packed with abusers is just going to sit by and let it all f—ing happen.”

She didn’t hold back when discussing the topic on Twitter either.

She isn’t the only famous face so use such colorful language either, with Samantha Bee recently telling Texas senators to “f-ck off” as well. Love her or hate her, there’s no denying Alyssa Milano spoke some powerful, passionate words at the march.