Samantha Bee Says She Wants To Host ‘Jeopardy!’ Before Telling Texas Republicans To ‘F-ck Off’

It seems like everyone is trying to throw their hat into the ring as the new host of Jeopardy! now that Mike Richards has officially left the program and fans are calling for Mayim Bialik to get fired while she may not even be able to be the permanent host. With even famous YouTubers like Mat Pat having thrown their hats into the ring, it’s anyone’s guess who might be the next host. Now it looks like Samantha Bee may want her own shot at the show — sort of.

In her latest episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee after a two-month hiatus, she made a somewhat comedic pitch for her to be the next host of the show that fans aren’t sure if they should even take seriously or not. It’s hard to tell after even Ru Paul has made a pitch to be the new host, but if it can’t be LaVarr Burton (whom Bee mentioned in the skit as the perfect choice) she does have the kind of open filming schedule that would allow her to take over.

One thing is for sure — if she did manage to get the position she would bring some serious passion and fire to the show. She also touched on the recent controversial abortion ban happening in Texas and didn’t hold back.

“After last night’s news about the Supreme Court failing to do, well, anything about Texas’s six week abortion ban, I wanted to take the opportunity to cordially invite Texas Republicans and the conservative justices of the Supreme Court to sincerely f-ck off.

Abortion is healthcare and we will fight this.”

F*ck You Texas Video

With Ken Jennings not even an option for the show after his own controversial comments, it’s hard to believe Samantha Bee could host Jeopardy! but if anything the wild search for its new host has proven that anything is possible.