New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Posters Suggest More Villains And Subtitle


Looks like the cat’s out of the bag on whether or not some incarnation of the Green Goblin will be appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 thanks to a banner poster that’s appeared in a number of locations. Note: it’s the first option. He’s definitely in it. Expect no shortage of hovering green menace in next year’s action sequel.

The question that remains is which of the Osborn boys will be in the suit, with both Harry and bonkers dad Norman making their series debuts in the sequel (as played by Dane DeHaan and Chris Cooper, respectively). The poster, which you can catch a glimpse of below, also features Jamie Foxx’s Electro (whose Big Bad status is confirmed by the film’s rumored and enthusiasm-sapping subtitle ‘Rise Of Electro’) and what I guess is the Rhino, who’s being played by Paul Giamatti in some sort of motion-capture arrangement in the final product. See for yourself, bud.


It’s a shame that an official high-res version hasn’t emerged yet, but this is still plenty to get excited about, before dejectedly recalling your suppressed memories of how awful the parts of Spider-Man 3 that didn’t have Bruce Campbell in them were. Too many cooks spoil the broth, after all. The official teaser for the film is to debut online on the 5th of December before a brief run attached to select screenings of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

Personally, I don’t think having a bunch of villains in a superhero picture spells certain doom despite Sam Raimi’s better efforts. Simply put, they don’t all have to be rounded, emotionally motivated characters. I’d be just as happy to see Rhino just tearing the place up because he’s a guy in damn Rhino costume. Whether or not he’s trying to raise money to save his sick kid (or some such similar gubbins) is no incentive for me to watch the film. This is the hopeful attitude with which I’m approaching this sequel. I enjoyed Marc Webb’s first outing as a character piece, but I’m looking forward to some good ol’ fashioned smashy time antics in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and if this poster’s anything to go by, I reckon I might be satisfied come next summer.