Amazing ‘The Batman’ motion poster shows a brooding Dark Knight

The Batman's hot streak of awesome marketing continues in this incredible motion poster from a Vietnamese theater chain.

The Batman will ring in the 2022 blockbuster season in style. The hotly anticipated movie is the first solo Batman film in a decade, with Matt Reeves having cooked up a whole new Gotham City, fresh takes on the rogue’s gallery, and showcasing a brutal and tortured Dark Knight played by Robert Pattinson.

The marketing campaign is now in full swing around the world, with billboards appearing for the movie in most major cities, international TV spots airing, and stores filling with cool Batman merch. Each territory has its own exclusive ads, though undoubtedly one of the coolest is this motion poster from Vietnam’s CGV Cinemas:

The motion poster shows Pattinson’s Batman brooding in the rain to the badass line “when that light hits the sky, it’s not just a call, it’s a warning”. Batman posing in a torrential downpour is a classic way to depict the hero, so whoever put this together definitely knows how best to show him off.

Obviously, you can’t judge a film by its advertising, but between this and the trailers, we can assume that at minimum The Batman will be a visual feast.

The Batman has been a very long time coming, but soon we’ll know if it was worth the wait or not. In a few weeks, the review embargo will lift, and we’ll suddenly know what the critics think. But in the meantime, images like this bode very well indeed.

The Batman hits theaters on March 4.

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