Amber Heard Celebrates The Success Of Zack Snyder’s Justice League


Amber Heard clearly doesn’t care that she’s one of the internet’s least favorite people, and has been for quite some time. The actress has found her every word being pored over, scrutinized and attacked in the majority of cases as her bitter split from Johnny Depp continues to rage in courtrooms on both sides of the Atlantic, while fans try and have her forcibly removed from the DCEU’s Aquaman 2.

Of course, Heard has already dismissed the idea that she’s giving up her role as Mera, and even claimed that the petitions and campaigns against her have been bought and paid for by outside forces. Indeed, there’s been no shortage of rumors and speculation surrounding her continued involvement with Warner Bros. and DC Films’ shared superhero universe, but that hasn’t stopped the 34 year-old from celebrating the massive success of Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Heard gets a significant increase in screen time throughout the four-hour epic, and even joins Batman’s ragtag outfit for the Knightmare sequence, although her mere presence in the movie was enough to irritate some folks. You can only imagine how they’re going to react when they read the caption on her celebratory social media post, then, commenting on how excited the fans have been to see her return, which you can check out below.

“Seeing all your excitement around the release of Justice League ⁦⁦@snydercut⁩ and the return of Mera. I get a sword and a crown? I’m in. #snydercut ⁦@hbomax

Production on Aquaman 2 begins this summer, and let’s just hope that Heard drops the British accent she failed so horribly to master in Justice League. Of course, there’s going to be backlash against her right up until the sequel hits theaters in December of next year, but she’s clearly excited to continue her tenure as part of the DCEU, even if the online community doesn’t share her enthusiasm.