Amber Heard Reportedly Feels Like Her Career Is Safe Now


In news that’ll inevitably have her leagues of haters gnashing their teeth, things are good for Amber Heard right now. She’s currently preparing to return to the role of Mera in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom despite the brutal internet campaign to get her booted out of the franchise. The sequel is expected to start shooting later this month: meaning all those stories about her being fired for gaining weight/being uninsurable/backstage conflict were invented in an attempt to harm her.

To put a cherry on top, it’s rumored that she’ll soon become among the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. If Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is as big a success as most expect, any residual doubt studios might have about her bringing in negative press may dissolve. But beyond that, leaker Daniel Richtman is claiming that she feels she’s triumphed over her ex-husband Johnny Depp and that her career is now safe.

This comes in the wake of her conclusive legal victory in the High Court in London, where a judge ruled that it wasn’t libelous to describe Depp as a “wife-beater.” The trial saw the couple’s dirty laundry extensively aired in public, though it’s Depp who’s ended up looking worse. Heard was further vindicated after the Court of Appeal denied his appeal, saying that the judgment was “full and fair” and that it couldn’t “even arguably” be dismissed on an error of law.

But Heard shouldn’t count her chickens before they’re hatched. She and Depp are going head-to-head in the Virginia courts next year, where they’re suing each other for defamation. That’s the plan anyway: Heard’s legal team is trying to get Depp’s case thrown out now, arguing that the London court has already ruled on the facts. That’s naturally being resisted by Johnny’s lawyers, who call her move “the latest Hail Mary.”

It’s worth remembering that pride comes before a fall, so Amber Heard better not feel too triumphant until Virginia wraps up. Even so, with her about to reprise her biggest role and Depp struggling to find work, it’s difficult to deny that she’s on top.