Amber Heard’s Reportedly Had Talks For Sue Storm Role In Fantastic Four Reboot

Amber Heard

Despite being painted as the villain by Johnny Depp’s army of supporters, Amber Heard still appears to have the backing of Warner Bros., with the actress set to return for the studio’s Aquaman 2 after they forced Depp into resigning as Fantastic Beasts 3‘s Grindelwald. That being said, an overwhelming wave of backlash is still being pointed in Heard’s direction, but so far, at least, her position as the female lead in the DCEU’s blockbuster sequel remains safe.

Of course, that could all change depending on the outcome of the next legal battle between the former married couple, with Depp and Heard suing each other for defamation. If the ex-Pirates of the Caribbean star wins, his career prospects will improve dramatically overnight while Heard’s would take a severe hit. It remains to be seen what’ll happen, but insider Daniel Richtman claimed last week that the Machete Kills star was actively chasing a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has even had talks with Kevin Feige, and he’s now reported that the part Heard wants to play is Sue Storm in the Fantastic Four reboot.

We heard from our own sources that the actress was also eyeing Felicia Hardy in Sony’s SPUMC, and at this point, it looks like she’s putting her name out there to several studios in an attempt to secure another high profile gig in the event that things go well in the courtroom. That doesn’t mean she’ll get one, but it’s clear that she thinks her chances of coming out of all this unscathed are pretty good.

While the Fantastic Four aren’t expected to grace the MCU for a long time yet, meaning that any potential casting announcements could be years away, most fans would probably reject Heard as Sue Storm and given that Marvel Studios are very careful with their public image and go out of the way not to incur the wrath of their fanbase, even contemplating the idea could be seen as too big of a risk. But again, Richtman claims that the actress has held talks with Kevin Feige and for now, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.