Amber Heard’s Ex-Assistant Says The Actress Felt That She’s Above The Law

Amber Heard

During Johnny Depp‘s lawsuit against The Sun, Amber Heard’s former assistant Kate James alleged that the Aquaman actress acts as if she is above the law.

At this point, essentially every aspect of Depp and Heard’s messy court feud is public knowledge. After the Pirates of the Caribbean actor went to trial last week against News Group Newspapers, the company representing the publication that called him a “wife-beater,” a lot of new personal details about their short-lived marriage started circulating online. For one thing, violent and aggressive behavior seems to have been a constant dilemma in their relationship, but the people closest to the former couple all claim that it mostly came from Heard.

Now, the actress’ former assistant has testified that she broke the law to save her own skin. Apparently, Heard asked James in September 2014 to send a letter to Homeland Security officials regarding an individual named Savannah McMillan. As James explained in her written statement:

“Savannah, a British citizen, had been held in immigration and questioned about the frequency that she had been coming and going from the USA. In Amber’s letter, she called it fraudulent that it was being alleged that Savannah was working for Amber unlawfully. She (Ms Heard) said that, as Savannah’s ‘friend,’ she could ‘say truthfully and unequivocally that this allegation is entirely false… I would like to go on the record saying that Savannah McMillan is a personal friend, and to my knowledge, has never worked unlawfully or otherwise in the United States. Or for me.'”

The former assistant then alleged that she “knew this to be untrue,” meaning that Amber was “wilfully lying to the US immigration department.” She then added a photo of the letter and a paycheck from Heard to McMillan. But apparently, this isn’t the only time that Heard has done something against the law. She also deliberately smuggled dogs into Australia, ignoring James, her husband, and the actor’s estate manager.

“As in several circumstances which I observed, it was as if she felt that she was above the law,” Kate added.

Now that the evidence is mounting up, the newspaper will have a difficult time defending their position as the trial continues, which is just as well, since the future of Johnny Depp in the Pirates franchise rests largely on the outcome of the trial.