AMC’s Discussed Doing A Walking Dead Spinoff Movie For Negan


The Walking Dead franchise is one of the most lucrative properties going today. The comic series may have ended earlier this month, but the burgeoning television universe is alive and well.

Moreover, expansion is continuing with a trilogy of films focusing on individual characters. The first is going to be based on Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes, who notably left the main series last season. It was recently announced that Universal would release the aforementioned movie theatrically and while fans were excited to hear about how this production is proceeding, talk inevitably turned toward the future.

Specifically, questions about the the other Walking Dead films, as AMC initially announced that they would be making three, began to pop up. The most prominent query, by far, is who will be the protagonist going forward? Will they continue the adventures of Rick Grimes after the initial outing, or is another character going to move into the spotlight?

Well, recently caught up with Jeffery Dean Morgan, who plays fan-favorite villain Negan on the show, and asked him about the possibility of his character potentially headlining a film. Here’s what he had to say:

I know that it’s been discussed. I, we, gotta do it before I get any older, I mean, pretty soon I’m not gonna be able to be the young Negan anymore.

While this certainly isn’t definitive proof that everyone’s favorite barb-wired wrapped baseball bat aficionado is going to make his big screen debut, it does point to it as a possibility. Morgan seems to be up for the opportunity, and the folks at AMC have at least talked about it, so maybe we”ll get to see Negan swinging Lucille around in movie theaters sometime soon.

But what do you think, should Negan lead a Walking Dead film, or should they just continue to follow Rick Grimes? Or is there another character that should get the headlining spot? Sound off below!