The Walking Dead Star Teases Her Return In Rick Grimes Movies


The Walking Dead has moved beyond Rick Grimes now, after Andrew Lincoln left the series back in the first half of season 9. However, we’ve haven’t seen the last of him in the franchise as the star’s set to lead his own trilogy of movies that’ll follow what happened to Rick after he was whisked away in that helicopter by Jadis/Anne.

But will the woman who kidnapped him/saved his life (depending on how you look at it) return in the films? Pollyanna McIntosh hasn’t been seen on the main show since leaving with Rick, so it would makes sense if she was to play an important role in the movies. In fact, the actress recently took part in a Reddit AMA where the topic came up, but McIntosh would not be drawn for answers.

When asked about what happened to Anne after we last saw her, she replied: “Right now she’s up up up with Rick. Whether they remain useful to each other or not remains to be seen.”

Fans continued to press her for details, with one directly asking whether she’s going to return. McIntosh answered, “I sure hope so!”

Last but not least, in response to another question on the topic, the actress wrote that she would “love to revisit TWD world — let’s see!”

McIntosh’s playing coy here, as all TWD actors have learned to do over the years when talking about this franchise, but she needn’t on this occasion. It’s actually already been confirmed that she’ll be back as Anne in the movies. Chief content officer Scott Gimple, who’s writing the script for the first film with creator Robert Kirkman, was asked by EW back in November and he gave a clear response, saying: “She is on that helicopter, so that would be a yes.”

Fingers crossed then we’ll get some more info on The Walking Dead movies out of this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con.