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New Details On Andrew Lincoln’s Walking Dead Movies Revealed

The Walking Dead's Pollyanna McIntosh has offered up a sliver of intel relating to the planned AMC spinoff movies featuring Rick Grimes.

It seems the saga of Rick Grimes must go on.

Late last month, AMC announced plans to spin out a series of TV movies featuring Andrew Lincoln’s grizzled survivor, whose dramatic exit from the core Walking Dead series was enough to leave viewers rooted to the edge of their seats. The ratings haven’t been too kind, either, but that’s a different story entirely.

Looking further afield, and it seems the wheels are in motion when it comes to the planned Rick Grimes spinoff movies – or so says Pollyanna McIntosh. Speaking at Fan Fest San Jose this past weekend (h/t ComicBook.com), the Jadis-slash-Anne actress hinted at the ways in which The Walking Dead movies will continue Rick’s story, all the while incorporating her own survivor into the equation.

We’re going to see where Rick is, so she would be there. Things are in process right now, it’s exciting. I’m not ready to leave her behind yet.

Last we saw of Rick, he was being shipped off on a military helicopter – the very same helicopter that has been spotted numerous times throughout The Walking Dead saga. Exactly where he’ll end up remains to be seen, but we imagine he’ll be introduced to an entirely new pocket of survivors struggling to make ends meet in the zombie apocalypse. One thing’s for sure: it seems Pollyanna McIntosh is along for the ride, and we’re excited to see how TWD adapts to a long-form, 90-minute narrative, particularly after nine years of premier TV content.

Currently in the midst of its annual winter hiatus, expect The Walking Dead season 9 to return in February – and only then will we be able to form a better understanding of the Whisperers and their wicked ways.

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