How The Arrival Of The Whisperers Will Shake Up The Walking Dead Season 9


It’s all change for The Walking Dead.

AMC’s zombie drama, which just last night aired its gripping midseason finale, “Evolution,” has already bid farewell to Rick Grimes and Maggie Rhee, though the latter character is still expected to regroup with her fellow survivors in time for season 10.

Be that as it may, The Walking Dead has entered a transitional period, what with new faces being brought in to fill the void. The Whisperers are one such group, given they’ve already spooked TWD viewers with their strange behavior and wicked ways. And at least according to series showrunner Angela Kang, things are only going to get worse, as the Whisperers are “unlike any other group” that we’ve encountered before.

I think it’s really just a fascinating group. They’re unlike any group that our people have encountered before, and their philosophy is so specific and so strange. So that’s a big part of the story going forward is we will just kind of peel the layers of that onion and you’ll just learn more and more about who they are and what they believe. But also in the way that they apply that, you know?

Last night’s installment of The Walking Dead certainly delivered on the expectations – even bumping off a character that many had presumed safe – though if Kang is to be believed, there is still plenty more creepiness to come.

She continued:

They’re not really a group that just kind of talks about a thing and doesn’t do stuff. They do what they believe, you know, and what they believe can be brutal.

The Walking Dead season 9 is now officially on hiatus, and likely won’t return until the second week of February 2019.