The Amityville Horror To Return With A Prequel

Allow me to set the stage for this story. In 1979, a bad horror film called The Amityville Horror was released, starring James Brolin and Margot Kidder, that told the story of a family that moves into a house where some murders were committed. They experience some strange things in the house which makes them reconsider staying in their new abode. This was remade into another terrible film in 2005 and starred Ryan Reynolds.

Now, thanks to The Film Stage, we have word that yet another Amityville film is in the works, but this time it will be a prequel. As some of you may know, like several movies out there, this one claims to be “based on a true story,” which already means that it’s most likely not true (like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre). However, there have already been many accounts claiming that this “true story” is indeed false.

It’s being reported that this prequel will be based on actual footage from reporters Laura DiDio and Marvin Scott, who visited the infamous house and supposedly recorded footage that “purportedly revealed ghostly presences, including that of a young boy, in the house.”

The producer claims that the footage would not actually be used in the film, unless it were played during the closing credits, but would rather be their inspiration for creating the prequel.

I don’t think I have to tell you how terrible an idea this is, or just how badly it will turn out. However, it’s still not as bad a piece of news as hearing that the Saw franchise may be rebooted. It just further shows that originality in movies is almost entirely dead, especially when it comes to horror films.

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