An Award Winning Drama You’ve Never Heard Of Is Gaining New Life On Netflix

Thanks to Netflix, more movies than ever before are available for media fans and critics alike to sink their teeth into — especially international releases. We’ve recently seen some of them on top of the popularity charts on the platform and this sixteen-time award-winner looks like it’s on the way to reach those same heights.

While few in the United States might know director Hala Khalil, she directed The Kite and The Best of Times both of which were great successes. Now her latest project, Nawara, is currently rising up the ranks on Netflix according to stats from FlixPatrol.

“Between the alleys of the poor neighborhood and the roads leading to the villas of the luxury compound, Nawara goes back and forth everyday on her way to work, carrying in her journey between these two worlds the worries of the people of her neighborhood and their simple dreams, Nawara didn’t know that the spring of 2011 will bring her what she never expected.”

Synopsis from the Official Nawara Website

Those who want to check out Nawara on Netflix for themselves will need a VPN outside of those in spefic territories, but it’s worth tracking down to see why despite its limited availability it’s beating out many American classics on the platform.