An Awful Mark Wahlberg Movie Is Blowing Up On Streaming

Mark Wahlberg

Antoine Fuqua and Mark Wahlberg’s sci-fi action blockbuster Infinite has generated much more in the way of negative headlines than positive ones, dating right back from the pre-release plans to its rollout on Paramount+, and then the aftermath.

The big budget epic will always hold a place in the history books as the first major original movie to be sent directly to the studio’s freshly-rebranded streaming service, but not much good has come out of it at all. Infinite was widely panned by critics, and a Rotten Tomatoes score of just 15% could see it go down as the worst four-quadrant title of the year.

It was little over a month before Infinite‘s planned theatrical release that it was pulled from the calendar entirely, with producer and leading man Mark Wahlberg not even being notified by the top brass. As someone who regularly finds himself named as one of the highest-paid talents in the business, you can imagine he wasn’t happy to potentially lose out on all sorts of box office bonuses.


Then again, Infinite sucks so it probably would have bombed anyway, but more recent reports indicate that Wahlberg still isn’t happy with his paymasters, and could even potentially be set to follow in Scarlett Johansson’s footsteps and file a legal claim against Paramount for loss of earnings.

It’s been two months since the film arrived to almost zero fanfare and instantly slipped from the public consciousness, but it’s rebounded on Paramount+, where it currently ranks as the second most-watched title on the platform. Infinite was a smart concept with a ton of potential that was botched pretty spectacularly, but that hasn’t dissuaded subscribers in the slightest.