An excruciatingly bad ‘true story’ horror exorcises its demons on streaming

the crucifixion

As has been noted previously, movies relating to a certain event or anniversary always find a new lease of life on an annual basis when the occasion in question rolls around, which has got to be the one and only reason why anyone has been giving 2017’s horror The Crucifixion the light of day, as blasphemous as that may be.

Despite holding a horrendous 6% Rotten Tomatoes score and 24% user rating, the latter of which is particularly galling when genre fans always tend to be a lot more forgiving, the latest dud to emanate from a camera being wielded by Hitman director Xavier Gens has managed to land a spot on the iTunes most-watched chart, as per FlixPatrol.

One of the many titles very, very, very loosely “inspired by true events”, The Crucifixion looks to the Tanacu exorcism of 2005 for influence, in which a nun deemed to be mentally unwell was killed during a ceremony being led by a priest and four Orthodox Christian sisters, with all five sentenced on appeal after the fact.

the crucifixion

Utilizing it as the basis for a frightfully bad chiller, The Conjuring writers Chad and Carey Hayes penned a thudding slice of scareless nonsense that finds Sophie Cookson’s journalist investigating the death of a nun during an exorcism, and getting a great deal more than she bargained for when the case literally comes back to haunt her.

Even reliable creature performer Javier Botet isn’t given much of a showcase for his uniquely creepy talents, with The Crucifixion a waste of time for both critics and audiences.

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