An gritty Jackie Chan action thriller is back in a big way on Netflix

the foreigner

Jackie Chan is unquestionably one of the all-time great action stars, having dedicated his life and broken plenty of bones in the name of our entertainment, but two adjectives you very rarely hear used to describe the actor and producer’s work are ‘dark’ or ‘gritty’.

He’s built his reputation and staked his good name on deftly blending daredevil stunts and martial arts expertise with slapstick comedy, to the extent that he hardly ever dives into serious dramatic territory. However, that all changed back in 2017 when he joined forces with director Martin Campbell for The Foreigner.

the foreigner

Campbell roped in the man he cast as James Bond into the proceedings as well, and the intense exchanges between grieving father Ngoc Minh Quan and Pierce Brosnan’s Liam Hennessy are the sort of emotional character-driven moments we never expected to see from late-stage Jackie Chan.

The Foreigner may have earned $145 million at the box office in 2017, but it was released exclusively on Netflix in many international territories, and it’s now circled back to make a mark on the most-watched list all over again. As per FlixPatrol, it’s jumped no less than 25 places on the most-watched list since yesterday, which isn’t bad at all.