An offensively generic action thriller is inexplicably popular on Netflix right now

redemption day

The low-budget action thriller is a staple of the VOD market, and despite what you may believe, not all of them are obligated to feature a Bruce Willis cameo, even though the slumming Die Hard veteran tends to appear in every second or third title to arrive.

Disposable genre films always have a place on streaming, too, because sometimes subscribers just want to switch off their brains and whittle away 90 or so minutes without having to think. Redemption Day has taken that notion and run with it, having dived straight into the streaming service’s most-watched list in seventeenth place, as per FlixPatrol.

redemption day

The plot follows Gary Dourdan’s elite solider, who sets off on a daring rescue mission to save his wife after she’s kidnapped by terrorists. That’s pretty much all there is to it, and you can guess exactly where things are heading every step of the way.

Andy Garcia, Ernie Hudson, and Robert Knepper show up to lend support, so there’s at least some gravitas on display, even if Redemption Day could only muster a weak 13% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

If you’ve seen one militarized shoot ’em up in your life, then there are absolutely no surprises in store, but Netflix customers clearly don’t care in the slightest looking at how high the movie has debuted on the viewership rankings.