An Oscar-nominated swipe at affluence struck by tragedy survives the storm to grab onto a #1 streaming spot

triangle of sadness
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The In Memorian segment of the Academy Awards is supposed to pay moving tribute to the many names the industry lost over the last 12 months, and while it definitely does that, more often than not it comes under fire for those who were omitted. There were several notable absentees at the most recent ceremony, with Triangle of Sadness‘ Charbli Dean one of the most galling.

After all, filmmaker Ruben Östlund’s satirical take down of wealth, influence, and affluence landed three nominations in a trio of the highest-profile categories after being shortlisted for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay, but the In Memorian video didn’t even feature lead actress Dean, who tragically passed away at the age of just 32 last August after dying suddenly of bacterial sepsis.

triangle of sadness cannes film festival woody harrelson
Credit: Cannes Film Festival

While a dark horse candidate that was never truly deemed as a potential shock victor in a year dominated by Everything Everywhere All at Once, Triangle of Sadness still won plenty of praise and recognition for its biting social parable. Dean and Harris Dickinson’s celebrity models get invited on a cruise for the outrageously wealthy, led by Woody Harrelson’s deranged captain.

Once a storm hits, the social media-savvy outcasts find themselves stranded on a desert island and trapped in an unexpected battle for survival. Triangle of Sadness may have gone home empty-handed from the Oscars, but it’s been making off with quite the bounty on streaming.

Per FlixPatrol, not only is the jet-black comedy the number one top-viewed title on Hulu, but it’s also one of the best performers on Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play Movies, and Rakuten, too. Forever tinged by tragedy, but an outstanding film nonetheless.