An unexpected action thriller jumps 83 places on the Netflix most-watched list


Recent data offered that by the end of the decade, 50% of streaming viewership will be comprised of non-English film and television content. While that sounds obvious given that the likes of Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus and the rest are all global enterprises, it isn’t all that often you’ll find a relatively obscure international title dominating the Top 10 most-watched list on one of the major platforms.

However, Netflix subscribers must have become enraptured with Kaaval in a major way, because the Indian Malayalam action thriller has surged exponentially on the charts, rocketing a massive 83 places overnight. As per FlixPatrol, it’s currently sitting at number sixteen on the rankings, and don’t be surprised if it manages to crack the Top 10 by this time tomorrow.


The plot follows Suresh Gopi’s Thamban and Renji Panikkar’s Antony, longtime best friends and business partners, who end up falling out over a tragic incident that splits their relationship in two. However, the latter ultimately turns to his old cohort in his hour of need, with old wounds being reopened as the two seek to right the wrongs of both their past and present.

Kaaval released theatrically in India last month, but it only premiered on Netflix this week, so the fact it’s managed to fly so high up the most-watched list in such a short space of time goes to show that the story has struck a chord with a massive number of people.