An unexpected literary adaptation has crashed the Netflix Top 10


Netflix’s most-watched list regularly throws up plenty of surprises, whether it’s forgotten movies finding the most unexpected second wind among subscribers, or a film widely regarded and derided for being terrible somehow managing to capture the imagination of viewers around the world.

The upper reaches of the Top 10 feature the typical mix of star-studded blockbusters and family favorites, with the onset of the festive season now throwing several Christmas films into the mix, but there’s one outlier currently on the chart that stands out from the rest.

Based on the novel of the same name by Javier Cercas, Outlaws is a Spanish-language feature that dropped on Netflix this past Monday, but has since managed to rocket up the rankings by 24 places overnight to currently sit in ninth place, as per FlixPatrol.


Written by auto-correct nemesis Jorge Guerricaechevarría and directed by Daniel Monzón, the defiantly old school dramatic thriller follows 17 year-old student Nacho, who befriends two young local criminals in Girona, leading to an adventure set in the summer of 1978 that none of them will ever forget.

Reviews for Outlaws have generally been strong across the board, and it’s evidently resonated with fans given that it’s joined such esteemed company as Dwayne Johnson’s Red Notice, Halle Berry’s Bruised and Tom Cruise’ Jack Reacher in the Top 10.