Anchorman 3 Reportedly Now In Early Development

It might not have been a massive box office success after earning a respectable $90 million against a $26 million budget, but Anchorman almost instantly found a second life on home video and became one of the defining comedies of the 2000s, and for a while you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing somebody quoting one of the many eccentric characters.

Given the continued popularity of the original, talks about a sequel continued for years before the gang finally got back together almost a decade later for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. Unfortunately, though, the follow-up missed the mark and failed to recapture the magic, marking the latest in a long line of disappointing late-arriving comedy sequels.

Of course, a third installment wouldn’t face anywhere near as much trouble as its predecessor in escaping from development hell after The Legend Continues doubled the box office gross of the first outing, but despite rumors popping up every now and again, it seemed as though the core creative team had moved on.


However, we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones that told us Paramount would be rebooting the Transformers franchise and both Now You See Me 3 and National Treasure 3 are in development, all of which were correct – that the studio are trying to get a new Anchorman movie up and running, and they expect the majority of the main players to return.

Plot details are non-existent at this early, early stage, but given the love surrounding the franchise that still exists even despite the mediocre sequel, we imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult to rope the cast back in. Will Ferrell would no doubt be an easy sell given that he’s still happy to keep playing a screaming man-child in almost all of his movies, and while co-stars Steve Carell and Paul Rudd seem to have been making a conscious effort to stay away from broad studio comedies in recent years, on the big screen at least, the right amount of money could likely sway them to return.

In any case, Ron Burgundy remains one of the most iconic comedy creations of the 21st Century, and while the last film veered a little too far into self-indulgent territory, a lot of fans would no doubt be more than happy to see Anchorman‘s news team assemble one more time.