Andrew Garfield says he isn’t the best actor to have played Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield is currently winning rave reviews and some serious Academy Awards buzz for his performance in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Netflix musical Tick, Tick… Boom!, but there’s probably plenty of people out there who don’t have a clue the movie is even streaming, because almost every question being posed to the actor revolves around Spider-Man.

Marc Webb’s Peter Parker has been denying his involvement in next month’s Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster for months now, to the extent that no one can really be mad if he’s not in the film. Of course, nobody believes that he isn’t, so we’re all still fully expecting him to suit up and swing back into action in less than four weeks when No Way Home finally arrives.

During a GQ video where he went undercover to respond to fan questions about himself, Garfield fully agreed that Tobey Maguire was the best actor to have played Spider-Man in live-action, before revealing that he and his friends used to quote lines from Sam Raimi’s trilogy back to each other.

“Cool, man. Fine. Whatever. Like, cool. That’s your opinion, bro. Climb a tree. Tobey’s my favorite, right? Because that’s my childhood… I think I watched the first Spider-Man film back to back like three times with my friend Terry… And we were just incredibly high and we would, like, do the lines to each other and he was just cracking up in my face saying, “you’ll never play Spider-Man.” And now, Sam, here we are.”

Having had the shortest career of the three with only a pair of solo movies under his belt, although The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4 were announced and handed release dates before Sony decided to scrap his tenure, Garfield still has plenty of fans who would staunchly disagree with his opinion that he isn’t the cream of the web-slinging crop.