Angelina Jolie Accidentally Confirms Eternals Sequel Plans


With the notable exception of the Hulk, every single character or team to have headlined their own standalone Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster has returned for at least one sequel. If they haven’t, then it’s either on the way or in development, because Kevin Feige simply doesn’t do one-and-done efforts.

That means the chances of Eternals launching a multi-film series are very high, especially with the cosmic epic tracking for what could turn out to be a pandemic-high opening weekend at the box office. The red carpet premiere for the movie took place last night, and Angelina Jolie may have given away one of the second installment’s potential storylines.

When discussing the relationship between Thena and Kumail Nanjiani’s Kingo, Jolie admitted that she wants to see the dynamic between the polar opposite personalities explored in greater detail as part of the follow up.

“Could you tell, we both are obsessed with each other’s characters? So we’re hoping in the sequel, our characters are very good sparring partners, because we’re almost polar opposites. But yet they’re both a little out there, so they’d be a good time.”

Of course, an MCU movie getting a sequel is hardly going to be earth-shattering news, but it would at least appear to confirm that Kingo and Thena will both be making it out of Eternals alive. Rumors have abounded that some other members of the team won’t be so lucky, but fans will be thrilled if the sparks between Jolie and Nanjiani crackle on the big screen the same way they did on set.