Angelina Jolie’s Thena Rumored For Solo MCU Movie


Landing Angelina Jolie for Eternals was a huge coup for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially when the Academy Award winner has significantly scaled back her output over the last decade. While Chloé Zhao’s cosmic blockbuster marks her second release in the space of seven months following Warner Bros.’ thriller Those Who Wish Me Dead, before that she’d only appeared in four live-action movies across the previous eleven years.

Based on the sheer size of the ensemble and the fact Gemma Chan’s Sersi has already been called the closest thing Eternals has to a main character, we shouldn’t expect Jolie to eat up too much in the way of screentime. She’ll definitely get an action sequence or two, though, something that she’s proven more than adept at during her career so far.

However, a new rumor from Giant Freakin Robot claims that not only has Jolie signed what’s been dubbed a “massive” contract with Marvel Studios, the actress is also reportedly being eyed for her own solo outing. There’s no concrete information provided to back any of this up so it remains entirely speculative for now, but the multi-picture deal wouldn’t be surprising in the slightest.

Even if Marvel has no plans to use them, the vast majority of onscreen talents are locked in for a handful of outings right out of the gate, just in case they’re needed again later on down the line in a future projects. If Eternals hits big then it’s almost guaranteed to get at least a sequel or two, but a standalone Thena adventure is a lot less of a sure thing at this stage.