Two Animated Characters Reportedly Have Cameos In Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker isn’t just the last third of the Sequel Trilogy, but it also marks the final chapter of what we’re now calling the Skywalker saga. J.J. Abrams has a big job on his hands here, too, as he has to tie up the entirety of the franchise to date with a neat bow. Given that, there’s been a lot of speculation that some key characters from across the past nine movies will cameo in Episode IX. And new leaks have now surfaced which seemingly support this.

Making Star Wars has reported on some info supplied to them by their sources who’ve seen either early cuts of the film or have listened to the sound mix. According to the site, Rise will feature six major cameos during its big third act. We shouldn’t expect any to appear in the flesh, but these Force users will be heard to speak to Rey when she’s at her lowest point, thereby encouraging her to continue on.

For the full list of cameos, you can click here. But for now, let’s focus on perhaps the two most surprising ones: Ahsoka Tano and Ezra Bridger. Yes, two of the most popular characters to make their debut in Star Wars‘ animated series will appear in TROS via vocal cameos. This wasn’t confirmed by MSW, but we can assume that Ashley Eckstein and Taylor Gray reprise their roles from The Clone Wars and Rebels as well.

If we can trust this intel, then this is a pretty huge deal, as it’s the first time that characters created for television have properly appeared in the movies. This is just the latest step in the increasing synergy between the two mediums, though. Previous crossovers include some easter eggs in Rogue Onand Maul’s return in Solo, which continued on from his resurrection in The Clone Wars. Fans have also been waiting for Ahsoka to make a big screen appearance forever, so this sort of ticks that off.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker finally blasts into theaters on December 20th. Don’t miss it.