Animated Nightwing Movie Rumored To Be In The Works


During the press rounds for his Amazon sci-fi blockbuster The Tomorrow War, director Chris McKay was adamant that his planned Nightwing movie hadn’t been canceled, even though it’s been years since we heard any official updates on the project.

The LEGO Batman Movie director first became attached well over four years ago, with Ozark creator Bill Dubuque tasked to pen the script. For a while, it looked as though things were gathering some real momentum, and then the trail went completely cold for a long time.

However, a new rumor offers that Nightwing could be refitted into an animated feature instead, although that’s about the extent of the details on offer. Looking at McKay’s background in animation, the report doesn’t discount the notion that he’d be still be the one to bring the story of Dick Grayson’s other alter ego to life, but it’s all speculative for now.

The filmmaker additionally teased that he was planning a primal revenge movie that would have the shadow of Batman looming on the background, but he didn’t confirm whether or not the Dark Knight was poised to make an onscreen appearance. One potential issue surrounding McKay’s continued involvement is scheduling, though, when he’s got a number of movies on the docket.

He’s about to start shooting Universal’s violent horror comedy slasher Renfield with Nicholas Hoult set as Dracula’s henchman, while The Tomorrow War sequel talks began shortly after the Chris Pratt epic drew massive numbers on Amazon. On top of that, he’s remained committed to bringing Johnny Quest into live-action for longer than he’s been circling Nightwing, so it’s probably best to wait and see how the story develops before jumping to any conclusions.