New Annabelle Comes Home Clip Teases Pure Mayhem


Annabelle Comes Home, the latest in The Conjuring franchise, is only a few weeks away from its June 26th release date and a new clip dropped online this week from the Gary Dauberman-directed horror film shows the titular doll’s malevolent effect on the world around her, as Ed and Lorraine Warren narrowly escape death.

In the new excerpt, the Warrens seem to be broken down on the road, with Annabelle in the back seat. Lorraine sees an approaching group of what seem to be ghosts, one of whom shoves Ed into the path of an out-of-control truck. Ed survives, and the driver claims he had no control over the vehicle. The culprit is unsurprisingly Annabelle, who Lorraine calls a ‘beacon for other spirits.’

This glimpse of Annabelle’s malign influence certainly matches what we know so far about the film, and Dauberman’s claim that Annabelle will be a “master of ceremonies” for all the evil surrounding the Warrens. Furthermore, the director’s expressed a desire to delve into the secrets of the Warren home after his experience on fellow Conjuring spinoff The Nun.

“While The Nun is this sort of men-on-a-mission movie, on this one I wanted to go back to a little bit more of a traditional haunted house, but different, because the house is the Warrens’, which is so unique and unusual. It feels like some kind of ticking time bomb.”

We’re certainly keen to see what mischief Annabelle gets up to, as Warner Bros. and New Line bank on the continued success of the Conjuring franchise. Both The Nun and the more recent Curse of La Llorona prove that there’s still a lot of life in the horror series, while the two previous stand-alone Annabelle films have been no slouch at the box office, either.

Annabelle Comes Home will creep into theaters on June 26th and will fight for devil doll supremacy with the rebooted Child’s Play, which drops on June 21st. What we do know is that it’s going to be a very good summer for fans of living toys, even more so if we group the probably less terrifying Toy Story 4 into that category.

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