Another Deadpool 2 Clip Sees Wade Wilson Bust Out Of Prison


Trust Wade Wilson to get himself locked behind bars just as he’s trying to protect Firefist (AKA Russel) from the clutches of Nathan Summers.

Yes, the time-traveling bandit known as Cable has journeyed back to the present day in order to enact his revenge on [redacted], though today’s all-new clip for Deadpool 2 places a laser focus on the Merc’s first confrontation with Summers. And let’s just say that things don’t exactly go according to plan.

Besides, Ryan Reynolds’ fast-talking mercenary has only come up against a bald British villain (typical!) thus far, so you can imagine his surprise when Summers reveals that he’s actually from the future. Indeed, Deadpool is left with only three questions: is dubstep still a thing in Cable’s timeline? What Sharknado are we on? And three, at what point do I get to say ‘enough with the robotic arm’? Cue the prison brawl.

Given how Deadpool 2 was crafted by David Leitch, director of John Wick and Cold War cocktail Atomic Blonde, it should come as no surprise that the sequel’s action scenes are perfectly choreographed. And sure enough, Leitch’s direction has garnered praise from critics, too.

Such a strong reception has also had a marked effect on the box office numbers, with industry projections rising to anywhere between $305M-$350M worldwide – $130M-$150M of which will be collected Stateside.

Sources close to Deadline even go so far as to suggest that Deadpool 2‘s opening numbers may scale higher, but if nothing else, this box office update tells us that the imminent sequel stands a good chance of outstripping its predecessor ($132.4M over 3 days; $152.1M over 4 days) to become the top R-rated domestic opener of all time.

And how exciting is that? It certainly lays a rock-solid foundation for the planned X-Force movie.