Another Guardians Of The Galaxy Actor Speaks Out On James Gunn’s Firing


Dependent on which side of the argument you may fall, James Gunn, the writer/director behind the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, was either justifiably terminated or unnecessarily fired by The Walt Disney Company late last week. For those of you who don’t know, the House of Mouse decided to cut all ties with him after disturbing social media comments made in 2011 resurfaced.

As a result of his dismissal, he was subsequently removed from a panel appearance at San Diego Comic-Con and saw former Presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, stick his nose where it certainly does not belong. Not to mention that the whole thing has also sparked an absolute storm online, with tons of celebrities coming to his defense and blasting Disney for what they did. And though most of his colleagues seem to be very vocal about which side they stand on, one person who’s not taking sides is Glenn Close.

The actress, who played Nova Prime in Guardians of the Galaxy, was asked by TMZ for her thoughts on the matter and instead of clearly standing with the director like, say, Dave Bautista did, she said the following:

“I think it would help if people on social media could vision themselves actually standing across or sitting across from the people they are talking about.”

When the outlet pushed her for a comment on whether or not she supports him, Close simply said that she had a great time working with Gunn on Guardians, but wouldn’t give a firm opinion on his firing one way or the other. And while that’s hardly the same as lashing out at him in the way Roseanne Barr did recently, it’s clear that she’s not totally alright with the director’s behavior.

Regardless of where you stand – for or against James Gunn – the fast and furious fallout of his termination from Disney has been fascinating to watch and as soon as the studio makes an official statement on the matter, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Source: TMZ