Another Round Of Set Photos From The Justice League Reshoots Appears To Confirm The Hall Of Justice


Though we’re currently knee-deep in summer blockbuster territory, with each new week delivering another big-budget tentpole to the masses (see: Cars 3), there are still many, many films to look forward to beyond August 31st.

Beyond the inevitable deluge of Oscar-worthy dramas and a certain little indie film called Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Warner’s long-anticipated Justice League movie will hope to close out the studio’s 2017 slate in style and, by effect, prove that Wonder Woman wasn’t just a one-off – a spellbinding, visually beautiful one-off, but a one-off nonetheless.

Currently undergoing a handful of reshoots across parts of Bedfordshire, eagle-eyed fans and curious onlookers have snapped a series of photos that appear to reveal Gotham City and, potentially, World War I props that all but confirm the inclusion of Wonder Woman flashback scenes. Whether that proves to be the case ultimately rests in the hands of Joss Whedon (Batgirl), who took over directorial duties from the outgoing Zack Snyder – the latter stepped down last month to tend to a personal tragedy – but it would certainly go some ways to explaining the welcome return of Connie Nielsen (Queen Hippolyta) and Robin Wright (General Antiope).

The latest Justice League tidbit comes to us by way of Twitter (via ComicBook), and it looks like Warner’s ensemble movie has earmarked the famous Hall of Justice as a last-minute addition to the fold.

Following the resounding success of Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman movie, there’s a real sense that Warner’s DC Extended universe is beginning to turn a corner. Whether the Justice League movie can build on that momentum is up for question, but we’re nevertheless intrigued to clock eyes on the final product come November 17th. Until then, we’ll be bringing you all the latest set photos as they find their way online, so stay tuned for more.