Anthony Mackie Calls Out Tom Holland Again As Feud Continues

Anthony Mackie

It may be a lot more one-sided in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star’s favor, but Anthony Mackie and Tom Holland’s long-running back-and-forth on social media and in interviews sees the pair looking to prove that Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman aren’t the only close friends and Marvel stars who can captivate fans with a friendly feud.

Mackie and Sebastian Stan’s bromance may have captured the hearts and minds of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans everywhere, but he’s a lot more harsh with the franchise’s Spider-Man. Just a few months ago, the freshly-minted Captain America called out Holland when he took the stage to accept an MTV Movie Award for Best Hero, knowing fine well that his co-star has yet to win in the corresponding category.

Holland famously burned Mackie when the latter revealed he hadn’t seen Spider-Man: Homecoming yet, responding by saying he’d not checked out Falcon’s solo movie, either. Sam Wilson might finally be getting his own blockbuster in Captain America 4, but he doesn’t have his own theme park attraction, so Holland’s got him beat there.

Undeterred, Mackie took to social media after visiting the Avengers Campus at the Disney California Adventure Park, and he’s dared the big screen Spidey to try and beat his high score on the Spider-Man’s Web Slingers ride, as you can see below.

Mackie also boldly claimed that a feature film version of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier would make more money at the box office than one of Holland’s Spider-Man movies, and he’s getting the opportunity to put his money where his mouth is now that Sam’s Captain America is in line for his first theatrical headline appearance, so the feud is far from over.