Birds Of Prey Bots Trying To Sabotage Sonic The Hedgehog On Twitter


Some people are determined to see Birds of Prey fail and reaffirm their belief that comic book movies belong to men, and are now resorting to using social media bots attacking Sonic the Hedgehog to give the DC film a bad look.

A series of tweets purportedly sent by fans of the movie are lambasting Sonic for a series of offenses such as racism and homophobia, each one going on to comment that the reader would be better off watching Birds of Prey instead. Just seeing them, you’d think that anyone would have to be incredibly gullible to believe that the tweeters are speaking truths about their experiences of a PG movie that hasn’t been released yet, and people have reacted by declaring the claims to be outright lies, which was precisely the intent, it seems.

The tactic plays on people’s desire to think of themselves as insightful and intelligent, and validates this self-perception by tacitly suggesting they proudly declare how easily they saw through the attempted deception, each time diminishing people’s belief in the integrity of the DC film when others come to believe its fans to be willfully spreading blatant misinformation.

Yes, Twitter is a roiling hellscape of a site that distills the very worst of humanity into 280 characters of hatred and stupidity, but when the same generic assortment of comments are made on a single topic, you can typically attribute them to bots and malice. Some people have taken the situation for the litany of nonsense it clearly is and started ramping it up to 11, claiming the Sonic movie itself physically and sexually assaulted them and that watching Birds of Prey cures cancer.

Birds of Prey has come under fire throughout its production for a number of unforgivably damning reasons, such as claims of feminism, the titular characters not being sexy enough, and the purported sexuality of the villains, and now people who already decided they hated the film before bothering to watch it are being given further reasons to do so, while those who may have been on the fence about seeing it are being put off by the artificial vitriol.