Birds Of Prey Fans Mad That The Characters Don’t Look Sexy Enough


We’re just a week away from the release of the DCEU’s Birds of Prey, one of this year’s highly anticipated movies, albeit one of the most controversial.

Nowadays, if a film even remotely incorporates elements that are considered to be politically correct, or even slightly embraces a ‘woke’ approach, it’ll be susceptible to controversy and backlash. As such, Birds of Prey, which is essentially a female-led superhero movie, has come under fire many times despite the fact that it’s not even out yet. Cast member Ewan McGregor openly saying that this is a feminist film doesn’t help matters, either.

That’s why, to put it in a delicate manner, there’s a growing sensitivity that Birds of Prey is ultimately a movie with an SJW agenda. And lately, this sensitivity has manifested in some people expressing distaste for how the leading ladies are depicted. Specifically, folks are wondering why these characters aren’t as sexually appealing as their comic counterparts.

One set of tweets, in particular, quickly spiraled out of control and managed to rile up a lot of people, which you can read below:

While the idea that producers are actively trying to reduce the sex appeal of cast members is absurd, to say the least, it would seem that some people were really hoping to see Margot Robbie in a skimpy outfit just like Suicide Squad:

And apparently, it’s not just the Harley Quinn actress who’s receiving criticism for her appearance, as other Birds of Prey have also come under fire for not being ‘sexy’ enough.

Though despite the hate, many people have commented on these ideas to defend what this movie is trying to do, or at the very least, prove that Margot Robbie’s performance in the pic isn’t just limited to being a pair of legs that are pleasing to look at.

Meanwhile, early reactions to Birds of Prey call it an absolute blast, which goes a long way to prove that fans aren’t necessarily going to be put off by Harley Quinn sporting a badass look in cat pajamas, as opposed to her more sexually appealing costume in the previous installment.

Source: CinemaBlend