Ant-Man 3’s Release Date May Have Been Leaked


It’s a beetle! It’s a worm! It’s…Ant-Man? Quite possibly, actually.

Ant-Man 3 has been nowhere to be heard or seen during recent Marvel events, never even escaping the lips of the almighty Kevin Feige once. People feared the worst and thought perhaps there may not be a continuation of his or Wasp’s stories. But Paul Rudd’s been telling the fans to make it happen and Marvel may have been keeping something from us all, per an intrepid and reliable rascal.

Twitter user Charles Murphy, who’s put up leaks before that’ve been mostly verified, posted this list of possible upcoming happenings for the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

Right there at the bottom, AM 3 is slated for a June 29th, 2022 release. And while this has yet to be confirmed, I certainly hope it’s true as I’d love to see a giant Paul Rudd punch more space dragons. Also, Michelle Pfeiffer had that dope-looking bug-sickle thing when she was in the Quantum Realm and I really want to see her duke it out.

Also curious is the wow emoji on the final space there. It’s proposed that that’s the next big team-up movie, some sort of Avengers, be they Dark or Young. It’s anybody’s ballgame right now though and the Tweet even says that all of this is subject to change. However, this set up makes me worried that the TV shows are going tie into the movies at an alarming pace, which will find us non-Disney Plus subscribers left out in the cold.

Oh well! This is good news for Paul Rudd or Michael Douglas or Michael Pena’s quick talking fans. Personally, I like the Ant-Man movies as nice palate cleansers from the grand, gigantic adventures of other Marvel heroes, especially the first one’s focus on the heist. We’re probably going to be waiting a while for Ant-Man 3, but at least this list gives us a tangible date to look forward to.