Ant-Man Footage Teased At Comic-Con

Along with finally announcing Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel also teased some very, very early Ant-Man footage today at Comic-Con. The film, which has been in development for a long time, is finally starting to pick up traction and though the footage shown was not made available online, we do have a description of it.

Silas at, who reported on the Man of Steel footage, gave us a description of what was shown in Edgar Wright‘s Ant-Man tease and though there wasn’t much, the reaction was supposedly fairly positive.

Check it out below.

  • Nice! The costume looks a lot like the IRREDEEMABLE ANT-MAN costume
  • The face is completely covered, so we don’t know who the actor is
  • It’s a black suit with red highlights
  • The scene is a hallway with two guardians (maybe shield agents?) guarding a door at the end
  • On the opposite end of the hallway is a vent and, at it, stands Ant-Man at only a few inches high
  • He leaps down and we see him running down the massive hallway
  • Suddenly there’s a flash and he’s full sized, charging the guards.
  • He leaps and flashes again. He punches one at his tiny size and one of the guy’s teeth goes flying out of his mouth as he crashed into a panel.
  • Ant-Man slides down the tie of the other man and returns to full size, flipping him over
  • He gets in the door, apparently an elevator, at full size and, with another flash, is gone
  • The title comes up, just plain ANT-MAN
  • “He’s going to kick your ass one inch at a time,” says Edgar

Another description was given by Germain over at /Film, you can check it out below:

The footage begins in a long, Matrix style hallway with two Matrix style agents. The camera moves down the hall, through a grate, and we see a tiny man standing behind the grate: Ant-Man. He jumps through and starts running at them. Of course, they don’t see him. He then pops up into real size, they start shooting, he gets small again, jumps, runs down the shaft of the gun, jumps up and punches the guy in the face, shaking the face in slow motion. With that guy done, Ant-Man gets big again, flips the other agent over….okay, honestly by this point I was kind of freaking out and it gets fuzzy. I do know that Ant-Man takes care of business, is about to jump through another grate when the elevator pings, and he gets on it.

The way Wright shot this, with the silence of a small man running in a big hall, the slow motion, the elevator, it had a totally different vibe from the other Marvel films. It was much more like something you’d recognize from Hot Fuzz. Whether or not that’ll carryover remains to be seen though. Wright said the script, which he’s been working on since 2006 (“the Terrance Malick approach” he said) is a mix of the silver age and contemporary Ant-Man. It’s action packed and “a nod to the original tales.”

The suit Ant-Man wears was described by Wright as “practical” and sort of looked like a G.I. Joe military exoskeleton. His face is entirely covered with some sort of apparatus on his mouth. He looks really cool. Very real world. A truly good fit inside the current Marvel Universe.

So, Marvel is officially developing an Ant-Man film and it’s very likely that the character will have a cameo in one of their upcoming movies, perhaps in Iron Man 3? That would be my guess.

I’m still awfully curious to see the footage myself but from what I understand, it’s still in the very early stages of production and we likely won’t see anything official for at least a year.

Finally, Wright said that at the current time, there was no casting, though it’s safe to assume that Marvel is currently looking for someone to play the famed hero.