Antonio Banderas To Make Cameo In Machete Kills

Robert Rodriguez pulled together a very cool cast for his 2010 film Machete and it seems he may have an even better one lined up for the grindhouse film’s sequel. Speaking to MTV, Antonio Banderas revealed that he will have a cameo in Machete Kills. This news comes only days after it was revealed that Mel Gibson will also have a part in the film.

Banderas didn’t want to elaborate too much on the role, but did reveal that he won’t be playing the famous role of El Mariachi:

“It’s a new character, but I cannot talk about it because it’s a very surprising character. If I do, I will completely jinx it, so I actually prefer [not to]. But it’s very interesting. The whole thing is a progressive character during the whole entire movie, but my participation is only in one side of it.”

Banderas has made 6 films with Rodriguez: Three Spy Kids movies and three El Mariachi films. The pair really seems to work well together and even though this part is apparently quite small, I think he’ll make a great addition to the film.

Danny Trejo will be reprising his role of Machete in the film and Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba may also reprise their respective roles.

Machete Kills begins filming next month and will be released on 2013.