Oscar Isaac Isn’t Up For A Role In The Batman, After All


The DC fandom has been buzzing about the chances of Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac joining the franchise ever since yesterday brought the news that he’d met with director Matt Reeves for a potential role in The BatmanNumerous characters have been thrown into the hat in regards to who he may be playing as well, including Two-Face and even the Dark Knight himself. But it seems we shouldn’t get too excited just yet.

A new source claims that the previous report was false and no such meeting has taken place between the actor and Warner Bros. According to Heroic Hollywood’s Umberto Gonzalez, who has knowledge of Isaac’s current schedule, there’s been no time for such a discussion to take place. What’s more, The Batman is apparently not at the casting stage yet, as a script hasn’t been turned in.

Here’s Gonzalez’s argument:

“No, the studio did not meet with Oscar Isaac for any role in THE BATMAN. They don’t even have a script yet. Also, Isaac has been shooting EPISODE IX & the only break he had was to do press for OPERATION FINALE in NYC.”

While the point about the script doesn’t prove much – blockbuster movies frequently get the ball rolling before a screenplay’s finished – the fact that Isaac’s knee-deep in both production on Star Wars: Episode IX and press on Operation Finale does seem to heavily support Gonzalez’s assertion that this meeting never happened.

Isaac’s potential involvement is just another in a long line of uncertain, flip-flopping details about Reeves’ The Batman. We first heard that the movie would adapt Batman: Year One, before further evidence said that wasn’t the case, while we’ve also been told that announcements were coming that never happened and, most importantly, whether Ben Affleck will return or not (though most sources say he’s not) is still unknown.

With any luck, maybe WB will give us something concrete before the year’s end. Fingers crossed, eh?