Apple TV+ Reportedly In Talks With Adam Sandler For New Original Movies

Adam Sandler

There’s no shame falling behind the competition in the streaming wars, especially when Disney Plus announced that it had reached almost 95 million subscribers after just fifteen months in operation, a number the studio initially hoped to hit by 2024, which is a phenomenal achievement.

HBO Max is also gaining some serious ground after confirming that the entire slate of Warner Bros.’ 2021 theatrical releases will debut on streaming simultaneously, while Netflix recently passed 200 million global customers and Amazon comfortably sailed beyond the 150 million mark last year.

Those are clearly the big four platforms, leaving AppleTV+ with a lot of catching up to do in order to gain a foothold. With the exception of Tom Hanks’ World War II drama Greyhound and the Russo brothers’ upcoming Cherry, there’s not been any original content grabbing much in the way of headlines, although there are plenty of major film and television projects in the works and it seems that the company isn’t giving up just yet.

According to insider Daniel Richtman, AppleTV+ reportedly want Adam Sandler to start making movies for them, though it’s said that his deal with Netflix would still remain, which instantly raises several serious contractual questions.

“Apple TV + now talking to Sandler to make movies for them, he would still have his deal with Netflix though,” says the insider.

You see, Sandler’s exclusive deal with Netflix is reported to be worth upwards of $150 million, but it only pertains to his Happy Madison Productions company. As we’ve seen with Uncut Gems, the actor is free to pursue any outside roles he wants, but the standard formula or roping in his friends and regular collaborators to churn out comedy vehicles is the property of Netflix.

That being said, AppleTV+ could feasibly give Adam Sandler carte blanche to develop projects outside of his Happy Madison comfort zone, though that might invite legal action from his regular paymasters. Still, there’s technically nothing stopping him from making films for any other outfit as long as he’s not producing them as well.