Aquaman 2 Reportedly Has 4 Female Leads


As you can no doubt infer from the title, the Aquaman franchise is all about Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry. Every major motion picture ever made tends to have at least one significant female role, though, unless we’re talking about something like Lord of the Flies, and unfortunately for Johnny Depp’s legion of fans, that honor in the DCEU’s underwater extravaganza falls to Amber Heard.

While almost two million people have lent support to the petition to have her fired, she’s not going anywhere, and that’s almost ironclad now that her next court battle opposite Depp has been delayed to next year, probably until Aquaman 2 has finished shooting. There were reports making the rounds recently that said she’d been booted out of the cast for failing a physical, but they’ve since been largely debunked.

However, there’s also been constant speculation that a new major female character is being written into the script, as a means to both increase diversity among the ensemble and reduce Heard’s screen time in the event of a worst case scenario. WB has yet to confirm that, but insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that Aquaman 2 will have four female leads, though the tipster doesn’t offer any further details to elaborate on his intel.

Heard’s Mera, the aforementioned mystery character and Nicole Kidman’s returning Queen Atlanna will presumably make up 75% of the quartet, leaving one position unfilled if Richtman turns out to be on the money. Either way, Aquaman 2 has big flippers to fill as the follow-up to the highest-grossing DC Comics movie ever made, and with shooting set to begin in the summer, it won’t be too long until we get some concrete casting news.