Aquaman Director James Wan Shares New Look At Atlantis Via Set Photo


Written by Will Beall (Venom) and former DC Entertainment president, Geoff Johns, Aquaman – the sole DCEU entry scheduled for release in 2018 and the sixth installment in the franchise overall – has managed to keep the ember glowing out of sheer anticipation, even though the first trailer has been withheld, and for quite some time.

Hype for the James Wan-directed, subaquatic superhero flick is at an all-time high, and it might have something to do with the Australian-born filmmaker and his prowess for promotion. Last month, Wan conveniently placed his editing bay in the background of an Instagram post, which just so happened to offer a bit of a peek at an underwater fight scene from his forthcoming release.

Now, he’s taken to Instagram once again, this time to showcase an elaborate “dolly concocted” by his “talented grip/camera dept.” And, as luck (or ingenuity) would have it, the “rickshaw” is parked right in the middle of what looks to be Atlantis. Granted, the majority of the snapshot is blue screen, but several pieces of set decoration can be made out if you look close enough.

Circling back to the trailer, though, and having screened at CineEurope last month, Wan – who just might be a marketing genius – confirmed via Twitter that the first Aquaman footage would finally see the light of day at San Diego Comic-Con, which is only ten days away. So, it does appear that all our bitching, whining and complaining is about to pay off.

And if, in fact, we do get the same trailer that premiered at CineEurope, we’re certainly in for a treat. If you’ll recall, it was lauded for its “dizzying” special effects, “bright” action and “good humour” not typically associated with films from DC. Excited yet? We sure are!