First Reactions To Aquaman Trailer Praise The Humor, Action And Effects


Although it may seem like we’ve been whining and complaining about the lack of a trailer forever, it does come from a place of love. Besides, it looks like all our busywork is about to payoff. Earlier today, the first trailer for Aquaman was shown during Warner Bros.’ CineEurope presentation, with an online debut expected to follow soon.

While the footage has yet to make an appearance publicly, and no timeframe has been given for when we’ll see it – though I think it’s safe to assume that we’ll be getting it shortly – we’ve now got the next best thing: the first reactions!

According to Metropolitan Media, the Aquaman footage shown at CineEurope was “full of not only traditional action and dizzying special effects, but also good humour.” Please keep in mind that the quote below was translated from Russian, but it’s easy enough to make out the gist of it.

“At the presentation, the premiere of the first trailer of this painting took place, which showed that it is full of not only traditional action and dizzying special effects, but also good humor. In the eyes rushed and unusually bright picture, not so common with films from DC.”

Following the catastrophic release of Justice League, Warner Bros. is looking to rebrand the DCEU this summer. As to what that’ll mean going forward, I haven’t the slightest idea, but apparently, the studio’s planning on unveiling a brand new title and logo for the shared universe at San Diego Comic-Con in July. Now, whether or not that’ll actually turn this train wreck around is up for debate, but we live in hope.

As for Aquaman, however, only time will tell how it fares with moviegoers. Set to explore the rich history of Arthur Curry and his reluctance to accept the role of King, the sixth DCEU installment will swim into theaters on December 21st. Be sure to keep your eyes on We Got This Covered, as we’ll have that first trailer for you as soon as it drops.

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