James Wan’s New Horror Film Will Be An Original With Practical Effects

James Wan

James Wan is currently riding high on the success of his last film, the critically acclaimed monster hit Aquaman, but he’s already looking forward to his next directorial feature, which he recently took to his Facebook page to tease.

In addition to revealing photos from the location scout, Wan posted the following message for his fans:

“There’s been a bit of speculation as to what my next project is… all I’ll say is, I’m super excited to go back to my indie roots with this hard-R thriller. An original horror idea (not a reboot/remake or anything based on existing IP) with old school, practical effects and no giant, blue screen sets. That’s all I’ll say for now,”

The news is sure to be welcome for horror junkies. The use of CGI in horror is one that purist fans of the genre have long decried, maintaining that too much computer-generated imagery spoils the suspense created by having an actual monster in a scene that the actors and audience can react to.

Switching back to horror will be Wan’s return to his familiar stomping ground that started his career as one of Hollywood’s most successful directors. He rose to prominence helming installments in such series as Saw, Insidious and The Conjuring and has also produced a host of successful horror flicks including Annabelle Comes Home and The Curse of Llorona.

Time and again, Wan has proven his ability to create suspense and tension in his films, and he clearly has a very shrewd idea of what exactly causes feelings of terror and dread in modern audiences. With most of Hollywood’s blockbusters relying on existing IPs and franchises to prop up their collections, making a movie based on an original script will be a refreshing change.

Of course, this upcoming horror pic is far from the only project on James Wan‘s mind at the moment, as he’s also attached to direct the sequel to Aquaman, in addition to producing a spinoff based on the Trench. Suffice it to say, he’s going to be kept very busy over the next few years and we can’t wait to see what he brings us next.