Aquaman Will Feature A Post-Credits Scene


After the underwhelming commercial performance of Justice League, you can imagine that there were some long meetings at Warner Bros. over the matter of what’s to become of the DCEU, and projects that were once on the schedule suddenly had their futures cast into doubt. But if you want a better idea of where this franchise plans to go from here, Aquaman could be pointing the way with a mid-credits sequence.

Though Justice League failed to give this cinematic universe its Avengers moment, that doesn’t mean Warner are set to abandon all attempts to emulate the MCU, and according to an early screening report from, Arthur Curry’s first standalone outing will be offering a teaser halfway through the closing credits, though the content of this sequence remains a mystery. What’s more, it’s also unclear whether there’ll be a post-credits scene, meaning that viewers may or may not end up feeling disappointed after sitting through a protracted list of shout-outs to the FX crew.

Another piece of intel that this source did relay, however, is that the film is about 130-140 minutes long. This lines up pretty well with the previous report that the runtime was 143 minutes, while putting the picture in roughly the same ballpark as Man of Steel (143 minutes) and Wonder Woman (141 minutes).

In any case, though previous box office projections for Aquaman were nothing to write home about by superhero standards, these early screenings also yielded a fair amount positive buzz, with several viewers praising the work as the DCEU’s best movie to date. Sounds promising, but we’ll see if audiences still think this franchise has a future worth teasing once the film hits theaters on December 21st.