Aquaman Surpasses $260 Million Mark Overseas


Though Aquaman is still a few days away from reaching North American shores, James Wan’s flick is already shaping up to be the success story that the DCEU currently needs, with the film now approaching the $300 million mark in global gross.

THR reports that Arthur Curry’s solo debut had taken in an international total of $261.3 million by the end of this past weekend, with much of that figure coming from a staggering $189.2 million gross in the China market. After hitting theaters in the People’s Republic on December 7th, Aquaman opened in an additional 42 markets on its second weekend, bringing in an impressive $126.4 million in the Friday to Sunday period.

After the lackluster box office performance of last year’s Justice League, these figures should come as a relief to the team at Warner Bros., with Wan’s film reported pacing 65% ahead of Zack Snyder’s ensemble flick in like-for-like markets and surpassing the movie’s China gross in just four days. What’s more, this success is unlikely to let up once Aquaman arrives in North America, with the feature projected to rake in $65 million in its first three days and over $100 million across the five-day holiday weekend.

All in all, things are going pretty swimmingly for Arthur’s new adventure on a commercial level, and by the standards of DCEU entries, the film’s faring unusually well with the critics too. A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that sequel talks have already begun at Warner Bros., and at this rate, such discussions are unlikely to die down anytime soon.

That being said, you can judge for yourself if Aquaman is worth all the fuss when the movie comes out on December 21st.